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  • Energy Effecient Roof Hatch
  • Durable Construction and Finish are Designed to Withstand Heat, Cold and UV Exposure
  • 11 Gauge Aluminum, Mill Finish
  • 3” of Polyisocyanurate Insulation in Both the Curb and Cover Give the Roof Hatch a Thermal Tesistance of R-20
  • A Continuous Seal Around the Cover Maintains an Air Barrier Between Interior and Exterior
  • Counterbalanced Lid and Easy-to-Operate Handle Allow One-Handed Operation
  • Cover: Stiffened to Support a Live Load of 40psf.
  • Curb: Thermally Broken Single Wall Curb and Counterflashing with Tabs
  • Gasket: Extruded EPDM Adhesive Backed Acoustic Gasket Seal, Continuous Around Curb and Cover to Assure a Continuous Seal
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Made in America

JL RHTBA Thermalblock Series - Thermally Broken Roof Hatch Aluminum


The ThermalBlock thermally broken roof hatch provides superior energy efficiency with R-20 insulation in both curb and cover which reduces condensation and building energy costs.

How Does the ThermalBlock System Work?
Two continuous gaskets with low thermal conductivity create a thermal block between the outside and the inside. When the weather outside is colder, this combination of insulation and gasketing moderates the temperature on the inside of the roof hatch reducing condensation and icing. The roof hatch can also reduce the amount of heat transferred from a warmer exterior, keeping air conditioning costs lower.

Manufactured from 11 gauge aluminum, mill finished. The durable construction and finish are designed to withstand heat, cold and UV exposure.

Product Details

Material: 11 gauge aluminum
Standard Finish: Mill
Curb: Thermally broken single wall curb and counterflashing with tabs.
Cover: Thermally broken cover stiffened to support a live load of 40psf.
Gasket: Continuous, weatherproof EPDM sponge rubber adhesive-backed seal
Insulation: 3” polyisocyanurate in curb and cover with thermal resistance R-20
Spring: Gas spring with integrated damper for smooth, controlled lift assistance.
Latch: Zinc-plated steel slam latch with inside and outside handles and padlock hasps; 20psf wind uplift
Hold Open Arm: Zinc-plated steel automatic hold open arm locks cover in open position.
Hinge: Heavy duty zinc-plated steel pintle hinge.
Sizing: Minimum: 26" x 24", Maximum: 48" x 48" or 30" x 96"
Clear Opening: (Width - 8") x (Length - 1/2")


 HPD    Made In USA  Warranty


Floor Door Models
Model Number  W x L Unit Weight   Access
RHTBA-1 36" x 30" 107 lbs. Ladder
RHTBS-2 30" x 54" 128 lbs. Stair
RHTBA-3 30" x 96" 172 lbs. Stair
RHTBA-4 36" x 36" 145 lbs. Ladder
RHTBA-5 48" x 48" 235 lbs. Ladder


Available Options:

  • Double wall curb

NOTE: For pitched roofs up to 7:12, mount hinge side parallel to slope. Door opens 80⁰


Activar CPG, Inc. Model Number: JLI-RHTBA-1, JLI-RHTBA-2, JLI-RHTBA-3, JLI-RHTBA-5, JLI-RHTBA-5