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  • Installs Easily Over Roof Opening
  • Embossed Counterflashing Secures Membrane without Tools
  • 11 Gauge Aluminum, Mill Finish
  • Energy Efficient (R-6 Polyiso Insulation in Both Curb/Cover)
  • EPDM Continuous Hatch Seal
  • OSHA Compliant Counterbalanced Springs
  • Weather Resistant Gasketing
  • Long Life, Low Maintenance
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Made in America

JL RHDA Aluminum Diamond Series™ Roof Hatch


The Diamond Series Galvanized Roof Hatches are designed for safety and easy installation and roof access. Diamond Grip™ embossed counterflashing design quickly secures the roof membrane and backing rod without sharp tools or edges. Manufactured from 11 gauge aluminum, mill finshed with 18 gauge liner. Constructed with weather resistant gasketing, these units feature long life, low maintenance and ease of operation. Springs are counterbalanced to comply with OSHA 1023 fall protection for single hand operation of latches to a ladder.

Product Details

Curb:  Single wall curb and counterflashing with Diamond Grip to secure roof membrane without tools. 11 gauge aluminum mill finish.
 Formed and welded with liner, tested to support a live load of 40psf. 11 gauge with 18 gauge liner aluminum mill finish.
 Continuous, weatherproof EPDM sponge rubber adhesive-backed seal.
 1” polyisocyanurate in curb and cover with thermal resistance R-6.
 Counterbalanced compression springs contained in clear zinc-plated steel cylinders.
 Clear zinc-plated steel slam latch with inside and outside handles and padlock hasps. Tested to 50psf wind uplift.
Hold Open Arm:
 Clear zinc-plated automatic locking hold open arm with red vinyl grip for one handed door operation.
 Heavy duty clear zinc-plated steel pintle hinge.
: 1.5" polyiso insulation, wood nailer, fiberboard, curb double wall, curb height, stainless hardware, PVDF finishes.


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Floor Door Models
Model Number Net Opening
W x L*
Unit Weight   Access
RHDA-1 30" x 36" 68 lbs. Ladder
RHDA-2 30" x 54" 88 lbs. Stair
RHDA-3 30" x 96" 133 lbs. Stair
RHDA-4 36" x 36" 76 lbs. Ladder
RHDA-5 48" x 48" 111 lbs. Ladder
RHDA-6 32" x 72" 110 lbs. Stair
RHDA-7 37" x 30" 69 lbs. Ladder
* Latch is located on the Length Side


Available Options:

  • Domed Roof Hatch
  • Double Wall Curb Roof Hatch
  • Safety Posts LP-4 & LP-5
  • Additional Color Finishes