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Special Case of 12 Dispensers Quanity Pricing:

  • Easy Installation
  • Industrial Quality
  • Touch-Free Operation Prevents Cross-Contamination
  • Uses Optional Refillable Bottle or Gold Anti-Microbial Soap 6 Pack

The Simplicity Plus is a rugged and reliable touch-free dispenser offering a large 1500ml capacity.  Touch-free activation prevents cross contamination making the Simplicity Plus ideal for the medical, dental, health care and food preparation facilities.  Rugged design and reliable operation make the Simplicity Plus equally ideal for industrial environments such as food processing or meat packing.  The technology was designed to automatically neutralize environmental interference. This unique feature eliminates the potential for continuous cycling or inadvertent activation, problems common to all automatic dispensers of the past.

Unlike other dispensers, the Simplicity Plus is designed with a patented "pinch and push" pumping  mechanism that gives it the ability to pump either single or double check valve Bag n' Box containers.  This unique design provides maximum flexibility by allowing the use of popular brand 800ml to 1500ml Bag n' Box soaps/sanitizers intended for manual or touch-free dispensers.

For further flexibility and cost savings, the Simplicity Plus can be purchased with a 1400ml refillable bottle.  This option provides long-term cost savings on soap/sanitizer purchases, reduces maintenance costs and allows the use of almost any soap/sanitizer purchased in bulk.

The Simplicity Plus is powered by 4 D-cell batteries with life depending on usage and soap/sanitizer viscosity.  9-12 months of operation on a single set of alkaline batteries is typical.  The battery powered version (UC-DIS-GEN2UC ) can NOT be converted to use the A/C adapter later.