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Stainless Steel Foot Pull
  • Stainless Steel Foot Pull
  • Foot Pull
  • Brass in Use
  • Door/Wall Plaque - Vinyl Sticker
  • Stainless Door/Wall Plaque
  • Made in USA
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Core Door Hardware Included
  • Door/Wall Plaque Vinyl Sticker Included
  • ADA Compliant
  • Made in the USA
The DoorWave™ Hands Free Foot Pull Stainless Steel



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The DoorWave™ by Functional Form, LLC  is a hands-free door pull that allows you to open the door with your foot.  This product eliminates the need to touch a germ coated door handle and leave your hands free to hold other items.  These are perfect for public restrooms in restaurants, medical buildings, public building or schools.  There are no consumables to replace like paper towels and this helps lead to a clean, clutter-free restroom.

  • Sanitary - eliminates the need to come in direct contact with door handle
  • Hands free restroom door handle
  • Helps prevent infections like the flu
  • No consumables to replace
  • Does not scuff or damage shoes
  • Uses the bottom of the shoe so can be used with any type of shoe including open toe shoes

To use:
Simply place the bottom of you shoe on the DoorWave™ and pull the door towards your body.  This design protects your shoes and does not scuff or damage shoes.  You can use any type of shoe including dress shoes and open toe shoes because the foot handles for bathroom door is pull from the top not the bottom..

Installation: Can be installed in both hallow and solid doors. Installation hardware sold separately - see above.

Two Color Available:

Model # 0011 - Stainless Steel
Model # 0012 - Brass

Optional Door/Wall Plaque - Priced above can be mounted to door or wall to show your customers how to use the DoorWave™
Model #1005 - Brushed Stainless Finish
Model #1006 - Brass Finish
Model #1007 - White Vinyl Sticker    

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LEED Credit
The DoorWave hands free door pull can be useful in two different LEED categories.  The first being Occupant Health (promoting a healthy work environment and reduction in germ transmission) , and the second being Conservation (through the savings in paper towel usage).