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Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo

Alpine 462 Alpine Industries Mop Bucket & Side Wringer Combo is perfect in any commercial setting including your restaurant, school, office, or health-care facility. Casters make combo portable and easy to use. 36 quart Capacity. Alpine Alpine 462 Mop Bucket and Side Wringer Combo makes mopping safer and easier in commercial settings. Features detachable wringer and round lip to prevent backsplash. This Bucket has...

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Retail: $133.33
Price: $87.00
Wee-Screen Urinal Screen

Vectair 30 Day Bubble Urinal Screens are inserted directly into urinal to keep drains and urinals free flowing while combatting urinal odor. Deep Bubbles reduce the risk of splash back. Vectair Wee-Screen Urinal Screens are a 30 day Fragrance Solution that fit most all urinal shapes and sizes. Wee-Screen is an effective solution that reduces bad smells for up to 30 days with a deep...

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Price: $2.57
Urinal Screen - SplashGuard™ Anti-Splash 6 Pack

Anti-Splash urinal screen with built-in deodorizer. SplashGuard™ Anti-Splash Urinal Screen 6 PackSplashGuard™ is a proven anti-splash urinal screen and pad. If you're tired of splash back, then this urinal screen is your product....

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Retail: $28.35
Price: Discontinued