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Urinal Screen - SplashGuard™ Anti-Splash 6 Pack
  • Urinal Screen - SplashGuard™ Anti-Splash 6 Pack
  • Made in America
  • 6 per Pack
  • Patented Design
  • Eliminates Splash Back
  • Reduces Restroom Maintenance (no cake)
  • Prevents Obstruction of Drainage by Foreign Object
  • Scent Lasts up to 2x Longer than Current Products

SplashGuard™ Anti-Splash Urinal Screen 6 Pack

SplashGuard™ is a proven anti-splash urinal screen and pad.

If you're tired of splash back, then this urinal screen is your product. SplashGuard™ urinal screens have a patented design that totally eliminate splash back on users and the large flexible base pad eliminates obstruction of drainage while the built-in deodorizer (cherry scent) eliminates order.

Patented Design

  • Anti-splash urinal screen includes filter and pad assembly
  • specially designed 2 cross sectional filters (screens) directs urine flow to drainage outlet
  • Flexible pad to fits most urinals
  • Deodorizer (cherry scent) built into BOTH screen and pad for longer lasting freshness

There are 3 equal sides with openings and 1 side with bars. The side wall WITH BARS MUST FACE THE USER. This is the FRONT.


Each urinal screen has 2 different assembly options: One for a wide basin urinal (Fig. C), one for a narrow basin urinal (Fig. D).

If necessary the pad can be removed and repositioned for the appropriate size basin (Fig. A and B).

Placing Pad in Urinal:

  • Align filter over urinal drain
  • Align receptacle as seen in Figure C for urinals with wide basins.
  • Align receptacle as seen in Figure D for urinals with deep basins

***Must place properly in urinal to ensure pad stability during flush


Figure C

Wide Basin Example


Figure D

Narrow Basin Example