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  • See detail perfectly with 5x/1x magnification 2-sided mirror
  • Dual sided mirror is 6" wide and 8" high
  • Gently on the eyes - No harsh shadows, reduces glare
  • Includes two 13 watt OttLite bulbs (Replacement bulb type E)
  • Bulb rated to last up to 10,000 hours.

OttLite B922W3 Natural Makeup Mirror - Black and White Floral


The OttLite B92GW3 natural light makeup mirror with a black and white floral back is unique and useful.  This attractive makeup mirror has been designed for individuals that want an accurate lighting and magnification.  When inserting contact lenses or performing fine personal grooming the 5x magnification makes these tasks easier and more accurate.  Flip to the 1x mirror and apply makeup and cosmetics in corrected light that make colors appear with mistake proof lighting reveals true skin tones and hair color.  The secret to the OttLite Makeup Mirror is the precise blend of light wavelengths - OttLite® 508 Illumination™. Colors are true and vibrant. Details are incredibly clear - for a fresh, beautiful look every time.  Folds flat for easy storage low heat and energy efficient, includes 2 energy efficient 13 watt bulbs rated to last thousands of hours each.

  • Height: 13" LI>Base Diameter: 11"
  • Weight: 5.73 lbs.
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