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JL 9613S21 Royal Series Fire-Blanket Cabinet

JL Industries Horizontal Drop Blanket and Cabinet. The JL 9613S21 Royal Series fire blanket and cabinet is a handy horizontal “drop” type steel cabinet with folded blanket.  The handle is located at the bottom and is pushed down to open the...

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Price: $154.08
The JL Industries Royal Series fire blanket cabinet or combination extinguisher blanket Cabinet

The Royal Series of Cabinets is designed to hold a fire blanket.  The 3600 models are 36? high with a shelf to provide room for an extinguisher below.  There are also Roller Blanket and Drop Type cabinets for quick access to the fire blanket in the event of a fire.  All include a blanket that meets Title 16, CFR1610 testing standards.

3600 Combination Extinguisher/Blanket Models are available in steel, anodized aluminum or 304 stainless steel with ten door styles to choose from. Five recessed cabinet configurations and a surface-mounted version provide plenty of installation>
Model 9519S21 is a roller-type blanket cabinet for emergency use. The enclosed blanket is attached to the vertical roller and comes with arm loops to enable a person to wrap themselves in the blanket in one continuous motion.

Model 9613S21 is a handy “drop” type with folded blanket. Handle is located at the bottom and is pushed down to open the bottom-mounted door which then releases the blanket.