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  • White Enamel
  • ADA Complient
  • ADA Flush Handle (optional above) *
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Strike First Elite Architectural Series Semi-Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - 116-EL

ELITE (EL) non-fire rated cabinet fronts are 16 gauge cold rolled steel with 22 gauge cold rolled steel tubs. Fronts are baked white enamel over rust inhibiting phosphate treated steel. Stainless steel fronts come standard with white tubs. All cabinets come standard with chrome handles and clear acrylic glazing.

Interior Tub Size
W x H x D
Overall Outside Trim
W x H
Rough Opening
W x H x D
9½" x 24" x 6" 13½" x 28½" 9¾" x 24¼" x 3½"  2½" 10 Lbs. 

* ADA Flush Handle (optional above) - the Elite 116-EL fire extinguisher cabinet is ADA compliant without adding the ADA flush handle.  The standard handle adds an additional  5/8", so the total pertrusion would be about 3 1/8" well under the 4" maximum ADA guideline.  However, the flush handle makes any fire extinguisher cabinet less of a hazard and presents a much cleaner appearance.