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iStorm®2 Hand Dryer White
  • iStorm®2 Hand Dryer White
  • iStorm®2 Hand Dryer Platinum
  • iStorm®2 Hand Dryer Black
  • Protects Users from Splash-Back
  • Dual Color LED Sensor
  • 10 Second Dry Time
  • Utilizes Water Absorbing Ceramic Technology
  • Airspeed Adjustment,
  • On-off Heater Switch
  • Dual-Color LED Sensor
  • Ergonomically Designed to Reduce Uncomfortable Bending
  • Super 3-layer HEPA Filter Eliminates over 99% of Airborne Bacteria
  • Antibacterial Coating Reduces the Ability for Micro-Organisms to Grow
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Palmer Fixture HD0983 iStorm® 2 Automatic Hand Dryer


Palmer Fixture HD0983 “iStorm2” high speed hand dryer has an incredible 10 second dry time, users dry their hands in a natural comfortable position without water splash-back. The “iStorm2” utilizes water absorbing ceramic technology, which eliminates water overflow and prevents hazardous wet floors. The “iStorm2” has an airspeed adjustment, on-off heater switch, and dual-color LED sensor indicators for a superior hand-dry.

Unlike competing high speed hand dryers, the iStorm®2 blows air down and away from the user, instead of back at user and on the floor, resulting in much safer restroom conditions. The iStorm®2 utilizes ergonomic design, making it the most efficient and user friendly high speed hand dryer on the market. Users dry their hands just like they wash them – no uncomfortable bending!

Dimensions: 7.28" × 12.67" × 24.59"
Platinum, Black, White
Voltage & Amps:110/120V / 12.2-13.3A, 208/220V / 5.7-6.6A, 277V / 6.6A
Motor Type: 1HP, 350-700W
Thermal Protection: Motor shuts off at 275°F (135°C), Heater shuts off at 288°F (142°C)
Operating Airflow: 19,476 LFM,
Adjustable Air Output Temperature: 140°F (60°C), Ambient Temp 68°F (20°C)
Sound Level: 65dB to 78dB MAX
Isolation Class: 1
Drip Proof: IP23
Watts: 1600W (700W with heater off)
RPM: 11,000-20,000, Adjustable


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Palmer Fixture Model Number: HD0983-08, HD0983-16, HD983-17, HD0984-08, HD0984-16, HD984-17, HD0985-08, HD0985-16, HD985-17