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  • Outdoor Waterproof Fire Hose Storage Cabinet - Support Mounted with Legs
  • Choose from 12", 24" or 36" Legs (Options Above)
  • Designed for Storage of Fire Hoses and Equipment for Industrial Outdoor Applications
  • Fabricated from 16-gauge Galvaneal Steel
  • Finished with Two Coats of Red UV Resilient Polyester Powder Coat Red Paint with High Gloss Finish
  • Available in Four Different Mounting Options
  • Stainless Steel Piano Hinge
  • Chrome Plated Zinc handle with 2-Point Catch. Right Hand Door
  • Comes with (2) Shelves 13" deep, a 3/4" Lip
  • Includes a 2" Sloped Roof  - reinforced at Top and Bottom with Rain Troughs
Strike First CM1101-TYPE-D Outdoor Weatherproof Storage Fire Hose Cabinet - Support Mounted



Outdoor Weatherproof Storage Fire Hose Cabinet
Cabinet is constructed  of 16 gage. satin coat galvanized metal with two coats of red baked enamel.  Stainless steel piano hinges with chrome plate door latches.  Used to store fire hose and equipment in industrial environments.  Used to store fire hose and equipment for outdoor use in industrial applications.

Technical Data  CAD Drawing

CM-1101 Outdoor Weatherproof Hose Storage Cabinet
Model Dimensions
(W x H x D)
TYPE A 57" x 48" x 15" Free Standing
TYPE B Wall mounted
(with rear lugs top & bottom)
TYPE C Concrete base mounted
(with grouting lugs at bottom)
TYPE D Support Mounted
(Steel fabricated legs available 12”, 24”, 36”)


Manufactured by Williams Brothers Corporation
Strike First CM1101-TYPE-D-12
Strike First CM1101-TYPE-D-24
Strike First CM1101-TYPE-D-36