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Men's Public Restrooms

Outfitting your men's room requires many of the same equipment as a ladies room except for one very obvious difference. The urinal. Yep, there is not doubt that you are in a men's room when you see the urinal wall. The urinal wall serves a very important purpose and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. There are even waterless urinals that make the urinal wall not only effective, but over time can really add cost savings and water savings. A men's room needs to stay clean and the urinals need do not need to smell. There are ways to keep your men's room clean and running efficiently and a few products that keep maintenance costs down.

Number 1 - the Waterless Urinal

Waterless urinals save money - they save water - they help in places that experience drought conditions. These waterless urinals offer a major advantage in the men's room and can save millions of gallons of water each year. The New York Mets Citi Field Stadium and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago are just a few large venues that have added waterless urinals. In 2005, the state of Arizona made waterless urinals mandatory in all government buildings. The Department of Defense is ordering waterless urinals to be installed on military bases. You will find waterless urinals across the country in National Parks, colleges, airports, High Schools and even in private homes.

Falcon has developed waterless urinals that are hygienic, touch-free, odor-free and have less bacteria than flush urinals. There is no need to flush so there is nothing to touch and this helps eliminate the spread of bacteria.


Urinal Screens

There are actually two very different products when we discuss urinal screens. The first - which I will address here is the urinal screen that is used for privacy. These are to give privacy to the urinal user. These are very similar to bathroom stalls but are made for the urinal. Order these with your partition order.


The Second Type of Urinal Screen - protects your pipes and prevents foreign objects from going down the urinal and saves you from costly plumbing repairs.

Suska Industries has a patented design that eliminates splash back. This urinal screen reduces restroom maintenance as it has no cake that has to be replaced. The SplashGuard™ comes in a 6 pack and prevents obstruction of the drain from a foreign object. This screen also boasts that it lasts up to 2X longer than other urinal screens. This urinal screen is specially designed with 2 cross section filters or screens that directs the urine flow to the drain and prevents splash back. Customers have commented that this product really works.

Vectair has a V-Screen Urinal Screen sold in a 12 pack that keeps the drains free flowing and prevents blockages. These v-screen eliminates bad odors and keep urinal fresh for up to 30 days. These v-screens have a unique web design that prevents splash back. These are sold individually wrapped and each screen has its own glove. These come in a variety of fragrances and catch debris like cigarettes, gum and paper and keep it from going down the drain.