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  • OEM Replace Lock and Cam
  • Lock, Cam, and Key
  • Plastic cam is 1-5/8” x 1” x 3/32”



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Designed for JL Industries fire extinguisher cabinets, these locks are designed to allow the tab to break if enough force is applied for access to the fire extinguisher in an emergency.  Once broken, the tab can be replaced.

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SAF-T-LOK ™ with keyed cylinder lock is available on most JL Industries fire extinguisher cabinets.  Under normal circumstances the SAF-T-LOK ™ keeps the cabinet closed and protects the fire extinguisher from theft and vandalism while the key lock easily allows for annual fire extinguisher inspections.  But during an emergency the SAF-T-LOK's ™ replaceable latch breaks, allowing access to the fire extinguisher.