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  • The World’s Slimmest, High-Performance ABC Fire Extinguisher
  • Up to 40% Slimmer than Traditional Fire Extinguishers
  • Wall Mounted
  • ADA Compliant
  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • Corrosion-Resistant Tempered Aluminum
  • Conforms to Test Standards: CAN/ULC-S504—ANSI/UL299 & CAN/ULC S508—ANSI/UL711
  • UL Rating: 4-A:80-B:C
JL Orbit FE10VB Low Profile High Performance ABC 10lbs. Fire Extinguisher
The Orbit Series extinguisher is a Patented design of low-profile fire extinguishers that can be wall-mounted and comply with ADA projection guidelines. Extinguisher is available in the 10 lb size of ABC dry chemical or Purple K dry chemicals, and can be as much as 40% slimmer than traditional cylindrical extinguishers.  The Orbit conforms to all ANSI/UL and CAN/ULC test standards as well as DOT and NFPA10 standards. Only 10-lb. Fire Extinguisher that is Always Compliant with ADA Protruding Object Regulations and Local Building Codes.

ADA Compliant without a custom cabinet. This Fire Extinguisher can be mounted to a wall or a column using a Patent Pending Button-Hook, which is the safest and most durable design available. This Button Hook allows the Extinguisher to rotate nearly 90 degrees in either directions without falling. Attaches to the wall with a single fastener.

Operation: Squeeze the lever, which opens the valve, allowing the chemical to be forced out. Upright squeeze grip operation. Temperature Range: -40°F - 120°F

Construction: Corrosion- resistant tempered aluminum vessel with aluminum valve and siphon tube. Also features visual pressure gauge, stainless steel pull pin, handles, bracket and button hook. Durable powder coat finish.

ABC Dry Chemical These units contain specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate powder, which smothers and breaks the chain reaction on Class B fires, fuses and insulates Class A fires and is a non-conductor of electricity. Non-toxic.

Designed for Class A, B, C Fires

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FE10V Fire Extinguisher
Capacity Extinguisher Dimensions
W x H x D
UL Rating Mounting
10 lbs. 9" x 23" x 3.5" 4-A:80-B:C Surface


JL Industries a subsidiary of Activar Construction Products Group, Inc.

Part Number FE10VB