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These are the features and benefits of a JL Industries SAF-T-LOK™ cam lock system for AED cabinets, fire hose and valve cabinets, and fire extinguisher cabinet locks. This type of lock offers theft deterrence while still allowing quick access in case of an emergency.  All JL Industries cabinet locks (i.e. SAF-T-LOK™) are keyed alike for easy access during inspections.

Theft Deterrent: The SAF-T-LOK™ lock provides a theft-deterrent feature, discouraging unauthorized access to the cabinet.

Keyed Cylinder Lock: The lock comes with a keyed cylinder option for added security.

Safety in Fire Emergencies: Unlike traditional break glass locks, the SAF-T-LOK™ system eliminates the need to break glass, which can be dangerous during a fire emergency.

Quick Access: Despite appearing locked, the door can be easily opened with a sharp pull, breaking or bending the replaceable plastic cam. This allows for quick access to the extinguisher.

Replaceable Plastic Cam: The plastic cam (1-5/8” x 1” x 3/32”), which is designed to flex or break upon sharp pulling, can be easily replaced using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Installation: The SAF-T-LOK™ cam lock is centered top to bottom on the cabinet door and can be installed on most door styles with the selected glazing option. The lettering on the cabinet reads "IN CASE OF FIRE ONLY - PULL FIRMLY ON HANDLE" providing clear guidance for emergency situations.

Handle Positioning: When a SAF-T-LOK is installed, pull handles are positioned 3-5/8” higher on the door, except for the ADA recessed pull, which is installed to the right of the lock. The SAF-T-LOK™ cam lock can not be installed in the field. If a SAF-T-LOK™ is to be added, order a new door.

Replacement Cams: Extra or replacement cams can be ordered separately.

Overall, the SAF-T-LOK™ cam lock system offers a balance of security, safety, and convenience for AED cabinets, fire hose and valve cabinets, and fire extinguisher cabinet locks.

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