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  • Flush Floor Door
  • Integral Gutter Drains Moisture Away
  • Corrosion-Free
  • Non-Slip Diamond Plate Surface
  • Stainless Steel Hold Open Arm Automatically Locks Door Open
  • Load - 300 lbs. per square foot
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in America
           30 Working Days

JL FLDD Drainable Floor Door


Model FLDD is a flush floor door with integral gutter to drain moisture away from the door opening.   Frames material is 1/4" extruded aluminum  This door is made from reinforced 1/4" diamond plate for greater strength. Finish is mill with bituminous coating on outer frame. Frame Construction has channel frame with 1-½" NPT female threaded aluminum pipe fitting for water drainage. Latch is 304 Stainless steel slam latch with flush key operator on exterior and handle opener on inside.  Removable stainless 18-8 threaded plug and 5/16" steel square key included. Hinge is 304 Stainless steel. Spring is 304 Stainless steel gas assist opener. Hold Open Arm: Stainless steel automatically locks door open. The load is 300 lbs. per square foot.

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Floor Door Models
Door Size Model Number  Doors  Weight 
24" x 24" FLDD-2424S Single  90 lbs.
24" x 36" FLDD-2436S Single  106 lbs.
30" x 30" FLDD-3030S Single  101 lbs.
36" x 36" FLDD-3636S Single 120 lbs.
30" x 48" FLDD-3048S Single 140 lbs. 
36" x 48" FLDD-3648S Single 151lbs.
42" x 42" FLDD-4242S  Single 180 lbs.
48" x 48" FLDD-4848D  Double 200 lbs.
60" x 60" FLDD-6060D Double 320 lbs.