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  • Flush Floor Door
  • Corrosion-Free
  • Textured Aluminum Surface
  • Load - 300 lbs. per square foot
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in America
           30 Working Days

JL AAF Aluminum Angle Floor Door 


Model AAF is a fully recessed aluminum floor door to be installed flush with the surround floor surface. Frames are extruded aluminum shapes specially designed for floor doors. This door is made from reinforced 1/4 diamond plate for greater strength. Stainless steel hinges are bolted to the door and frame to minimize galvanic corrosion. All fasteners are tamperproof stainless steel bolts. Features stainless steel slam locks, gas assist opener and hold open arm. The finish is mill with bituminous coating below grade. The load is 300 lbs. per square foot.

Floor Door Models
Door Size Model Number  Doors Clear OpeningWeight 
24" x 24"AAF-2424SSingle23" x 23" 60 lbs.
24" x 36"AAF-2436SSingle23" x 35" 76 lbs.
30" x 30"AAF-3030SSingle29" x 29" 81 lbs.
36" x 36"AAF-3636SSingle35" x 35"100 lbs.
30" x 48"AAF-3048SSingle29" x 47"115 lbs. 
36" x 48"AAF-3648SSingle35" x 47"118 lbs.
42" x 42"AAF-4242S Single41" x 41"120 lbs.
48" x 48"AAF-4848D Double47" x 47" 154 lbs.
48" x 60"AAF-4860DDouble47" x 60"173 lbs.
48" x 72"AAF-4872DDouble 47" x 71"208 lbs.
60" x 60"AAF-6060DDouble59" x 59"215 lbs.