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The Importance of a Family Friendly Restroom

While the majority of customers originally walk into your place of business based on your the goods you sale or the services you provide, a clean family friendly restroom will stick in their minds and keep them coming back to your facility. Not only will they come back but the clean family restroom will stick in their minds and they will recommend your business to friends and family - many times without even suggesting the bathrooms per say, as the bathroom represents the cleanliness of the entire facility. I remember being told by a friend working in the food service industry "If the restroom is dirty, then you don't want to see how dirty the kitchen is." That quote sticks with me and if the restroom is dirty, I'm leaving because yes "I don't want to think about how dirty the kitchen could be."

Customer Awareness

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Koala Door Sign Family Restroom Sign Unisex Restroom Sign

Koala Door Sign KB841 lets customers know that your facility offers a genuine Koala Kare Baby changing Station. Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations are known nationwide as quality family restroom products. The Koala logo is well know and displaying this logo on your facility's restroom door keeps customers aware that a baby changing station is offered. A simple Baby changing sign is another way of letting your customers know there is a place to tidy up their child and get situated before continuing to shop or eat out. A unisex restroom sign lets customers know that either male or female can use this restroom. Many times these signs are used when there is only one restroom. Knowing that this is a family friendly restroom, you can confidently take your young child in and not be concerned of other's in the restroom with you.

Baby Changing Stations

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Baby Changing Stations are now being offered in many different facilities. Men's restrooms, women' restrooms, unisex restrooms, even lounges and changing facilities. Offering a safe and clean environment to take care an infant's needs is an important part of keeping your customers happy. Going out to a nice dinner only to find the only place to change your baby is on the floor or going back out to your vehicle to change the baby is not only annoying, but those parents will remember and will choose not to go back to your restaurant as no one wants to get up from dinner go out to their car only to come back to cold food. Baby changing stations keep customers happy whether in restaurants, retail stores, churches, pharmacies, or any place that families gather.

Baby Changing Stations to fit your needs

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Koala KB200 Vertical Baby Changing Stations Oval Baby Changing Stations

Koala KB200 is the best selling most well know baby changing station. This baby changing station is considered a Horizontal Designed baby changing station and is the most common. There are other designs of baby changing stations to fit your needs. A vertical baby changing station is good for restrooms that have less space and can fit in tighter spaces. Oval baby changing stations are attractive and have rounded edges which can be more comfortable for some customers. Read Choosing a Baby Changing Station for more information.