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Choosing the Right Baby Changing Station For your Public Restroom Facility

Baby Changing Stations are used in most public restrooms. The baby changing station offers a clean, comfortable place for caregiver to change and clean up their baby. Many parents and caregivers take note of which restaurants, gas stations, public building, medical facilities, retail stores, and all other public restrooms and whether they offer a baby changing station. There are many options available and a few things to consider while shopping for a baby changing station.


Safety Craft Model 100-EHSC Model 100-EVSC ASI 9012

Safety Craft Model 100-EHSC is one of the most affordable baby changing stations on the market. This station meets ADA, ANSI and ASTM standards and comes with a 5 year warranty. Safety Craft Baby Changing Stations are designed in both Horizontal and Vertical Model 100-EVSC. The Vertical design of a baby changing station is a great alternative for smaller restrooms and where space is a real challenge. The ASI 9012 Baby Changing station is another great affordable baby changing station. This station is ADA Compliant and offers a 5 year warranty.

Koala Kare KB200 KB208 Oval

Koala Kare KB200 is one of the most popular and affordable baby changing stations on the market. This Station is offered in 4 color choice to match any restroom décor. Koala Kare offers Exclusive Microban® Protection technology that is built into the baby changing stations. Microban® is an antimicrobial reducing odor causing bacteria. This baby changing station is perfect for most restrooms and offers the highest level of cleanliness available. KB208 Oval Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station is very similar to the KB200 as this baby changing station also offers Microban® technology the oval design can be more comfortable for some as there are no rectangle edges.

Stainless Steel Baby Changing Stations

Koala KB200-SS

Koala KB200-SS is a Horizontal Wall Mounted Station with a Stainless Steel Veneer. This is a perfect solution for an upscale restroom facility without the price of a solid stainless steel baby changing station. The bed surface of the KB200-SS contains the Microban® antimicrobial, which reduces odor causing bacteria. This baby changing station is constructed of recycled materials and contributes to LEED certified building requirements.

KB110-SSRE KB110-SSWM Koala KB111

Koala KB110-SSRE is a Horizontal Stainless Steel Clad Recess Mounted Baby Changing Station with a polyethylene interior. This baby changing station is the premier choice for upscale restroom facilities. This product is offers a gas spring mechanism to ensure a smooth open and close. This Stainless steel clad baby changing station is also offered in a surface mounted option KB110-SSWM which carries the same features as the recessed model but allows for easy surface mount installation. If you an interested in a stainless steel baby changing station you can also choose from the Koala KB111 Vertical Stainless Steel baby changing stations offered in both Recessed (KB111-SSRE) and Surface Mounted (KB111-SSWM).

Baby Changing Station Replacement Parts

Brocar Replacement Parts Koala Kare Replacement Parts


An important deciding factor in buying a baby changing station is to research whether the manufacturer offers replacement parts for the baby changing station that you are purchasing. You don't want to spend the money purchasing a new changing station when you could purchase a replacement part for a fraction of the cost. Brocar by Foundations offers a few Replacement Parts including the Cylinder Replacement Kit C007-CYL and the Replacement Belt B003.

Koala Kare offers the most extensive line of replacement parts available for all of their baby changing stations and other products. Even after a product is discontinued Koala Kare will continue to offer replacement parts to help you maintain your baby changing station for years to come. Koala Kare offers replacement straps and decals, along with installation kits and just about any replacement part that is needed.