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Falcon Waterless Urinals now carries a variety of waterless urinals. Falcon Waterfree Technologies is known world wide for their waterless urinals. They were awarded best for the world environment by B lab and they have an environmental score int eh to 10% of more than 1,200 Certified B Corporations from over 120 industries.

Falcon Waterfee urinals use no water to operate. That means there is no wasted water and you save nearly 100% of the water and related sewage costs. By replacing one flush urinal with a Falcon Waterfree urinal, you can save an average of up to 40,000 gallons or more of fresh water per year.

California Drought

The extreme drought in California has brought a call for action to save water. Statewide regulators are asking to cut water by 25%. California has started a new campaign #ShutTheFlushUp to encourage the use of waterless urinals and new construction regulations are requiring urinals to use 0.125 or 0 gallons of water per flush. This is achieved by using a waterless urinal.

Learn more about how waterless urinals work by clicking Here.

All of these Falcon Waterfree urinals are hygienic, touch-free and odor-free. They actually have 5x less bacteria than regular flush urinals. Just like humans, bacteria depend of water to grow and survive. These urinals are waterfree so these urinals actually create a less fertile breeding ground for bacteria. The Shanghai Bacteria Count Test Report shows the reduction in bacteria.


Falcon F1000 Waterfree Urinal

This urinal is ideal for retrofit installation. The Falcon F1000 meets ANSI/ASMEA codes and is CSA certified. Made of Vitreous China and is wall mounted. Meets ADA Guidelines. Touch-free and Machanical-Free design. Odor-Free. Reduces water and sewer costs.


Falcon F2000 Waterfree Urinal

The Falson F2000 Waterless Urinal can be used in new construction and is retrofit friendly. The Contemporary Design is popular in upscale locations where the design adds a decorative flair to any restroom. Made of vitreous china and is designed to be wall hung. Meets ANSI/ASME Codes and is IAPMO and CSA certified. Meets ADA guidelines.


Falcon F4000 Waterfree Urinal

The Falson F4000 / Clematis Waterfree® urinal is a smaller size so it is perfect for smaller restrooms. This urinal is wall hung, wall outlet unit. It meets ANSI/ASME Codes and is IAPMO and CSA certified. ADA Compliant. Uses no water to operate - saves money and water.


Falcon FWFC Velocity Replacement Cartridge

The Falson Velocity Replacement Cartridge works with all Falcon waterless urinals. The cartridge locks in and ensures an airtight fit. Self-Monitoring indicator lets you know when the cartridge needs to be changed. Anti-Splash and Pour Spout keeps drain cleaner and restroom virtually odor-free.