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Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals are usually found in crowded public restrooms. They can be found in the New York Mets Citi Field Stadium and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. In places that have large numbers of male users these waterless urinals can save millions of gallons of water - that all adds up to a large savings of money and resources. They can also be found in areas that suffer drought conditions. In 2005, the state of Arizona made waterless urinals mandatory in all government buildings. The Department of Defense is ordering these waterless urinals to be installed on military bases. You will find waterless urinals across the country in National Parks, colleges, airports, High Schools and even in private homes.

How it works:


Falcon has developed waterless urinals that are hygenic, touch-free, odor-free and have less bacteria than flush urinals. There is no need to flush so there is nothing to touch and this helps eliminate the spread of bacteria. Falcon's catridge has an air-tight seal that combined with the external cavity and liquid sealant barrier are estimated to be 500 times more efficient at eliminating odor that conventional P-traps. Several tests have been conducted to show that the waterless urinal actually has 5x less bacteria that the traditional flush urinal as bacteria depends on water for survival.

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