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M12A White
  • M12A White
  • M12ACS Satin
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• Ultra stylish design
• Features 2 IR sensors for automatic detection
• Innovative jet stream design is more powerful with quicker drying times
• Completely dries hands in 10–15 seconds
• Heads up LED
• Heating element can be switched on and off with the flick of a button
• Fully adjustable motor

• Removable filter with antibacterial treatment
• Easy maintenance
• Available in white or satin
• Extremely low noise level 65 dB
• 30 second safety timer
• Ideal for public restrooms are high-traffic areas
• Uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers
• Green spec approved

Dualflow Plus M12A / M12ACS High Speed Hygienic Hand Dryer


The Dualflow Plus M12 from Saniflow is the latest innovation in automatic and dryer technology. This new generation automatic hand dryer features a unique U-shaped design that provides a new level of effectiveness when it comes to drying hands. The Dualflow Plus is a design that definitely has that "Wow" factor, customers will comment on the unique look and how well this unit works.

The Dualflow Plus M12 provides a premium experience in every aspect and is unparalleled in durability, effectiveness and design. This unit completely dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds and is also one of the quietest automatic hand drying units in the world. This automatic hand dryer is activated by two infrared remote sensors on both sides of the product for instant detection. This makes operation of the unit hands-free, the water from the hand is collected, instead of water dripping onto your floor. The Dualflow Plus M12 features a sound and visual warning of a full water tank for quick diagnosis.

The surface of the Dualflow Plus M12 is integrated with anti-microbial biocote protection, which is designed to eliminate germs. This unit showcases a very low energy consumption. The low energy consumption of this automatic hand dryer qualifies it to be GreenSpec listed and LEED certified.

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Components & Materials
• High impact 5VA ABS white cover, 1-1/6’’ mm thick.
• High-speed class A universal brush vacuum motor, adjustable from 19000 to 28000 rpm.
• Adjustable motor power from 350 W to 1050 W.
• 250 W heating element. It can be easily switched off by means of “on/off” button.
• Proven antimicrobial and antibacterial protection using silver ion technology from Biocote®, resisting the growth of microbes e.g. bacteria and moulds, complementing the cleaning routines.
• Filter with antibacterial treatment, SurfaceAideTM XL, which avoids the spread of germs and bacteria circulating in the air.
• Water tank with Biocote® protection, with an outside valve for an easy emptying.
• Acoustic and optical warning of full water tank.
• Neutralizer to remove unpleasant odours (optional).

Place hands inside the hand dryer. Electronic infrared sensors will detect them and the unit will start automatically working and go on with no interruption for 30 seconds. When hands are removed the dryer will stop.