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Designing a Commercial Restroom Facility

There are several key aspects to designing a commercial restroom facility. Any facility outside of your private home that the public will use can be considered a commercial restroom facitliy. You want your facility to be clean, clutter-free, easy to get to and it must meet the demands of your facility.

Things to consider when designing a commercial restroom facility:

Accessibility - Most public restrooms must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act Acessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Check with your local municipality and design your restroom accordingly. 

Restroom Signage - Most states require signage designating a public restroom certain states like California have their own guidelines. Click Here for California design standards.

Baby Changing Stations - if you offer facilities for families than you should really consider installing a baby changing station.
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Koala KB200 Vertical Baby Changing Stations Oval Baby Changing Stations

Toilet Tissue Dispensers - Consider the number of patrons using your facility and the frequency of replacing the toilet tissue rolls. Consider purchasing a dispenser that offers a stub roll system so there is less tissue waste.
Jumbo Tissue Dual Roll Tissue Dual Partition Tissue

Paper Towel Dispensers - Paper towels are used throughout the country in restroom facilities. Determine whether you will be using paper towels or hand dryers or both in your restroom facility. There are a variety on paper towel dispensers ranging from lever action to automatic paper towel dispensers.
Automatic Paper Towel Lever Paper Towel Wooden Paper Towel

Hand Dryers - Consider a hand dryer to reduce the amount of paper towel waste. Hand dryers range in power, usability and efficiency. Research your hand dryers to get the best solution to your hand drying needs.
Automatic Hand Dryer Push Button Hand Dryer Eco-Green Hand Dryer

Soap Dispensers - There are a variety of soap dispensers available. Consider the frequency and maintenance of your soap dispenser. How often will you be adding soap. There are commercial soap dispensers that hold a significant amount of soap to reduce the maintenance and time spent refilling soap dispenser. Automatic Soap Dispensers help reduce waste by dispensing a set amount of soap at a time.
Foaming Soap Dispenser Tank Soap Dispenser Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

Advocate All-In-One - Sink, Soap Dispenser and Hand Dryer - Completely automatic designed to give customers more personal space.
Bradley Advocate Automatic Sink Top Fill Soap Dispenser