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California Approved Tile 24 Restroom Signs Guide Lines

Title 24 is the 24th title within the California Code of Regulations (CCR).  The CCR is divided into 28 separate titles numbered 1 through 28, each based on subjects or state agency jurisdiction. Title 24 restroom signs guide lines have a provision to have these particular signs to comply with ADA guidelines which is the standard shapes, text, pictogram and braille; in addition they want it to address people with limited vision and cognitive disabilities, by using opposing colors. The Title 24 signs (opposed colors) deal mostly with people with limited vision and cognitive disabilities (unable to read).  They are big enough to be able to see from a distance. The circle shape is for blind people, who feels the shape if it’s circle it’s  for women, the triangular shape is for men. Unisex restroom has a circle with a contrasting triangle in the center. Having opposing colors it is easily spotted from a distance. A 6"x 9" sign is also required on the wall beside the door. See drawing below.

California Approved Restroom Signs





Title 24 Installation Guidelines