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  • Works with Vectair Airoma Dispenser
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Choice 8 Unique fragrances
  • Can be used in washrooms, reception areas, offices, schools, professional buildings and anywhere you want a clean burst of fragrance
  • 9000 metered sprays per refill
  • VOC Compliant in all states

Vectair AIROMA 9000 Fragrance Aerosol 4 pack- AERO

Works with Vectair Airoma Dispensers
ADIS-1BC - Airoma Aerosol Dispenser - Bright Chrome
ADIS-1W - Airoma Aerosol Dispenser - White
Citrus Tingle
- Bright burst of citrus fruits.
Bouquet - Flowery array of carnations and roses with a hint of musk.
Cool - Think male aftershave fragrance with sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus. (DISCONTINUED)
Linen - A fresh fragrance of clean line.
Orchard - A rich and fruity fragrance that gives an air of Indian summer.
Mango - Fruity, refreshing tropical mango fragrance.
Mystique - A perfume of rich spices and woody notes, powerful yet feminine. (DISCONTINUED)
Cinnamon - A rich, spicy cinnamon aroma with a warm sweet undertone.
Vanilla Bean - A dreamy fusion of vanilla with an exotic cream base.
Sweet Mulberry - An indulgent feast of clean mulberry berries.

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Old Fragrance New Fragrance (March 2019)
  Citrus Tingle ------ AERO-449
  Mango ----------- AERO-409
  Vanilla Bean ------ AERO-454 
  Citrus Mango --- 9000-CITRUS 
  Orchard ---------- AERO-452
  Cinnamon -------- AERO-453
  Sweet Mulberry -- AERO-455
  Apple Orchard --- 9000-APPLE 
  Linen ------------- AERO-450
  Bouquet ---------- AERO-451
  Linen Breeze ----- 9000-LINEN