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Tornado Body Dryer - White
  • Tornado Body Dryer - White
  • Streamers Simulate Dryer
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Installed in Shower
  • Body Dryer
  • Tornado Body Dryer Video

  • Dry inside your shower without a towel
  • Contains over 200 air openings
  • Compact and lightweight (approximately 9 lbs)
  • Securely attaches to shower wall - Additionally it can be installed outside the shower, on any wall corner wall or non- corner wall
  • Two Speed setting
  • Simple and Safe to operate
  • Great for Disabled or Elderly (Safety, Privacy and Independence)
  • Add a High End Spa to your Home shower or Hotel Shower
  • Energy efficient, reliable and maintenance-free
  • Tested to EN60 335-2-23-1990, ISO #:09.33.36
  • Patented airflow design creates a swirling (tornado-like) vortex of air providing a powerful, yet gentel, breeze of warm air flowing evenly from head to toes simultaneously blanketing the user front, back and sides

Tornado Body Dryer


Completely Dry your body without stepping out of the shower. Stay warm in your shower - but don't reach for a towel.

The Tornado Body Dryer is a high-tech engineered dryer. It is more than a gigantic hair dryer. The dryer moves are evenly from the top to the bottom, surrounding you in a blanket of swirling warm air to dry your entire body - front, back and sides no matter which way you sit or stand.

Using a single simple small bracket, the Tornado Body Dryer easily attaches to the wall in the shower or tub. It need not be built into a wall, which can require expensive wall demolition and construction. This also means the Tornado Body Dryer can esily be removed in order to take it to your next home whenever you move from one location to another.


Individuals with limited mobility and dexterity find it difficult to towel dry. Because of the patented air flow design, wheelchair users find that they do not have to rotate their chair around in the shower. The swirling air reaches all body areas even when the chair remains stationary, drying both the person and the wheelchair. The Tornado Body Dryer is listed on the Federal Governments AbleData database as an "Assistive Technology" and many times can be prescribed to a patient by their physician.

Veterans: The Tornado Body Dryer has been approved by the VA for qualified veterans applying for Adapted Housing Grants.

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