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***   500 or 1000 Sanitary Liners ---  Special Price!!!   ***

For a limited time you can add a box of 500 or 1000 specially priced sanitary liners to your order when you buy the Diaper Depot baby changing station.  Sanitary liners add a layer of protect between the baby and the table surface.  These liners fit perfectly in the built-in liner dispenser.

The Diaper Depot Vertical Edition is known for its innovative, durable and affordable design. The interesting thing about the Diaper Depot Vertical Edition is its vertical design. Unlike the other Diaper Depot baby changing stations this unit is designed to fit in an area that has a lot less horizontal space. While it is designed to fit in an area much smaller than most diaper changing stations, it doesn't sacrifice its large concave bed, which is added for safety and comfort. The Diaper Depot Vertical Edition includes easy installation hardware and a mounting template that is written in both English and Spanish.

Due to the sleek, vertical design we incorporated a large bed size into a compact, space saving bathroom fixture.  This versatile unit is ideal for restrooms where space is of concern because has only 22" wide. When not in use, the closed unit is in compliance with ADA 4.4.1. Protruding Objects when installed to the manufacturer's specifications.

 Spec Sheet Dimensions Mounting Diagram
Master Specs   Detailed Installation Instructions

• Manufactured from plastics approved by the FDA
• permanently molded safety graphics that are full-color and cannot be peeled off or deteriorate, even with repeated cleaning with industrial grade solvents
• Features a molded hook area for parents to hang diaper bags and remain within arm's reach of the baby
• Comes in your choice of four different colors
• Sleek and durable designed to match the decor of today's modern restrooms
• Everything you need to install this unit is included in the package
• Specially designed safe–strap restraint is manufactured with a break resistant buckle
• Meets ASTM F2285 Consumer Safety Performance Standards For Commercial Diaper Changing Stations