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No Drilling Required Brass Flair Grab Bar 1½” GRIPP GB380-BF Various Sizes

GRIPP Grab Bars are produced with Brass Flair painted steel construction and available in six sizes from 12"- 36" lengths.  The grab bars are packaged with the patented no drilling required mounting hardware by nie wieder bohren (no drilling required) Germany.  The system is a professional mounting system which can be installed in less than 5 minutes by the average DIY consumer, no measuring and no drilling.  These grab bars have been tested and approved using the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.  Simple, safe and secure, manufactured by nie wieder bohren (no drilling required) of Germany.  Projects from the wall 3 1/8" and concealed flange diameter is 3".  Premium Commercial Grade Grab Bar,1-1/2" Diameter, with  black bronze painted steel, 18 Gauge Material ADA Compliant Grab Bars, German engineered, 250lb capacity.  The minimum surface width for mounting is 2-7/8".  Lifetime limited warranty. 

 Installation Instructions  ADA Compliance
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Model No. Center to Center  Overall Length
GB38012-BF 12" 15"
GB38018-BF 18" 21"
GB38024-BF 24" 27"
GB38030-BF 30" 33"
GB38036-BF 36" 39"


We offer three mounting kits (optional above) for installing the same style and color grab bars on different surface.  This will allow all of the grab bars in an area to match.

Optional Above Kit Number Included  Wall Type
No Drilling Required GB00002-NDR Smooth Solid Surface
Snap Toggler GB00003-ST2 Drywall / Hollow Wall Anchor
Standard GB00004-DW Drywall Stud Mount


No Drilling Required
For the no drilling required system to work, it must be mounted to a smooth non porous, solid surface like, metal, concrete, tile, marble, granite, or mirror.  This system will not work on flexible surfaces like acrylic, fiberglass or plastic.  Cultured products are not recommend.  Refer to the installation instructions for specific details.

Snap Toggler
Use this option for hollow drywall wall where the studs are in accessible.  Four zip anchors and screws are included.  Use two per flange (per the manufacturer).

This drywall stud mount option includes 2-disc plates and 6  #10 x 2" stainless steel wood screws.  Installation instructions; locate studs and use the wood screws to attach.