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Maxam Metal Products Joins Activar Construction Products Group

We are excited to announce the addition of Maxam Metal Products, of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada to the Activar Construction Products Group, Inc.  We have offered several models of Maxam access panels and floor doors for the past seven years under the JL Industries brand and are looking forward to offering more Maxam products in 2021.

Below is a list of the top Maxam products that JL Industries currently features on our website:
  • Large sizes of 2 hour fire-rated access panels
  • Double door 2 hour fire-rated access panels
  • Upward opening 2 hour fire-rated ceiling access panels
  • Inward opening 2 hour fire-rated wall access panels
  • Recessed flange 2 and 3 hour fire-rated access panels
  • Drywall flange 2 hour fire-rated access panels
  • Fire-rated laundry and garbage chute access panel
  • Fire-rated 2 hour floor door
  • Fire-rated 3 hour floor door
Maxam has been an innovator in designing and manufacturing a diverse line of non-rated and fire-rated access products for the commercial construction market since 1970.  In North America, they are recognized and respected for having the first fire-rated inward/upward opening access doors for walls and ceilings and the first fire-rated floor doors with up to a 4-hour rating.