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Cato Customizer Panel for Fire Extinguisher Cabinets 10575C

The Cato Customizer Panel is a clear replacement panel for most fire extinguisher cabinets.  Replaces glass or  acrylic.  These safe, long-lasting, UV-resistant acrylic panels will fit most CATO Chief cabinets, and, can be trimmed to fit most fire extinguisher cabinets as well.

  • No more having to carry glass in your truck.
  • No more cutting yourself on glass.
  1. Simply measure the size of the cabinet break glass window slot.
  2. Carefully remove the blue film backing. Place panel carefully on a flat, clean surface and mark the scores to be trimmed.
  3. Run a box cutter or similar tool lightly along the score you want to trim. Do this two or three times.
  4. Place a pair of needle nose pliers or your hands on the outside edge of the score you want to trim and break off the unneeded portion.

Part# Description Dimensions
10575C Small Customizer Panel (fits most  5 lbs cabinets) 18 3/4" x 7 5/8"
11075C Medium Customizer Panel (fits most 10 lbs cabinets) 22 5/8" x 8 5/8"
12075C Large Customizer Panel (fits most 20 lbs cabinets) 27 3/4" x 10 5/8"