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  • Works with Vectair Airoma Dispenser
  • Odor Eliminator with lemongrass fragrance
  • Use in areas with persistent odors like busy restrooms, smoking areas or animal sanctuaries
  • 3000 metered sprays per refill
  • 7 oz. /198.5 g refill canisters
  • VOC Compliant in all states

Vectair AIROMA Zero Air Purifier 3000- AERO-20


The Vectair Airoma Zero is an odor eliminator with a pleasant lemongrass fragrance to bring freshness to a variety of locations. Freshens the air by using an effective ingredient Ordenone™. Affected malodors are eliminated immediately upon contact. Vectair Airoma™ Zero is recommended in environments where persistent odors occur like a busy restroom, smoking areas or animal sanctuaries. 3000 metered sprays per refill. Effective in room sizes up to 6000 cubic feet.  The 7 oz. / 198.5 refill canisters are suitable for use in the Vectair Airoma® odor control dispensers and other competing standard aerosol dispensers.

Works with Vectair Airoma Dispensers
ADIS-1BC - Airoma Aerosol Dispenser - Bright Chrome
ADIS-1W - Airoma Aerosol Dispenser - White

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