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Toddler / Baby Safety Seats / Quick Seats

The toddler safety seat was designed to help solve the problem - where do I put my busy, squirmy, "get into everything" toddler while I need to take care of business or change their siblings? These seats are inexpensive and definitely solve this very real problems parents and care givers face while trying to use a public restroom.

Care givers will be grateful these seats are in the restroom as they now have a safe place to seat their young toddlers. These all are relatively inexpensive and they all come with an easy to use safety harness and buckle. Most of these seats are designed for little kids and hold up to about 50 pounds. Look for a seat that folds up and down and does not have pinch points on the seat when it folds back up.

When installing any child protection seat - make sure it is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and that the wall or partition is capable of supporting significant weight and can accommodate the installation hardware.

Koala Child Protection Seat

Koala KB102 Child Protection Seat is designed with blow molded high-density polyethylene with Microban® anti-microbial. It has steel pivot rod in the hinge mechanism. Easy to use safety harness and buckle keeps child safe. Can withstand static loads of up to 50 pounds. This unit is ADA compliant. Requires less than 2 square feet of wall space and folds up to less than 6 inches.

KB102 Child Protection Seat
toddler seat
toddler seat

American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) Toddler Safety Seat

The American Specialties (ASI) Toddler Safety Seat is relatively new to our site. It is designed to hold up to 50 pounds and this seat is sold at an affordable price. ASI offers a 5 year limited warranty on this toddler seat. ADA Compliant. Comes with a 3-point safety belt. Made on durable, non-porous FDA approved polythene.

ASI 9020 Toddler Safety Seat
toddler seat

Diaper Depot 4306 Safe Sitter Child Protection Seat by SSC, Inc. (Safe-Strap Co.)

Diaper Depot offers a safety seat that they call the Safe Sitter Child Protection Seat. This seat has the most variety of colors - it comes in Ivory, Gray and White. This seat folds up to less than 4 inches when not in use. This seat also has a three point harness belt for safety.

toddler seat

Foundations Model 5806086 Wall Seat

Foundations makes a wall seat or what they call a "Quick Seat" that offers all of the same features as the seats above: supports up to 50 lbs., folds up easily and has a slim profile, ADA compliant and has a 3-point harness. This seat also has easy to read ANSI compliant labels using safety symbols and has a molded pictogram that illustrated "do not use as a step".

toddler seat
toddler seat