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1891 PatentToilet Paper: The Debate is Settled

Well many a husband or wife, roommates, employees and employers have had this debate: "Does the toilet paper go over or under on the toilet paper dispenser?" I was always taught over so now I know yep - I was right. Owen Williams tweeted a photo on March 15, 2015 showing the clear patent of the toilet paper roll.

1891 Patent

Owen Williams Shared the Discovery on Twitter The Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper "official" - paper which is produced for that specific purpose has been around for centuries. It is known to date back to the late 14th Century for Chinese emperors. But the toilet paper that we are most familiar with was invented in around 1880 by both the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company in 1877 and the Scott Paper Company around 1879 (side note the Scott Company was too embarrassed to put their name on the product, so they customized it for their customers - the Waldorf Hotel became a big name in toilet paper.

Owen Williams Shared the Discovery on Twitter

An Ad from Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company Wheeler's patent for the toilet paper roll shows the perforated perfect squares. This patent is why we have the toilet paper that we have today. The idea was originally called "wrapping" paper which was a more modest name for toilet paper. A quote from Wheeler's 1871 read "My invention ... consists in a roll of wrapping paper with perforations on the line of the division between one sheet and the next, so as to be easily torn apart, such roll of wrapping paper forming a new article of manufacture."

So with the big debate finally solved - we who were right all along now have proof to back up our argument. So now to the next more important concern: Let's pick a great toilet paper dispenser....

An Ad from Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company

Toilet Paper Dispensers

There are several styles of toilet paper dispensers, depending on your facility and your traffic will determine the best dispenser for your facility.

Dual-Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers

Standard Dual-Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers are perfect for just about all facilities. There is always an extra roll for your customers, so these help alleviate the fear of running out of toilet paper. As a facility owner you can check and keep them full and not have the unexpected need for extra paper.


Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensers are great for businesses with high traffic or industrial usage. These dispensers use a "jumbo" roll of toilet paper that is not sold in most household stores and usually needs to be ordered through a supplier. These jumbo rolls help eliminate the need to replace the roll on a constant basis and they save money eliminating the maintenance of replacing the roll.