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Stub Roll Transfer System

Stub Rolls

When refilling a paper towel dispenser many facility owners had to make a choice whether to throw away a low roll of paper towels or wait until empty and run the risk of your restroom facility running out of paper towels. Now with the stub roll transfer system available in many paper towel dispensers, you can use up the last bit of paper towel and seamlessly swith to the new roll automatically. Now more throwing away half empty rolls of paper towels, no more fear of running out of paper towels. Simply move the used "Stub Roll" to the stub roll holder and add the new roll and the paper automatically transfers when the stub roll is empty.

Stub Roll Paper Towel Dispensers carries many different styles of paper towel dispensers that offer the stub roll transfer system. Click on any of the products below to find the stub roll paper towel dispenser to meet your needs.

Bradley 2497 - Lever operated Roll-Towel Dispenser constructed of high impact plastics, with a heavy-duty steel body.

Palmer Fixture Electra T245 - Automatic Paper towel dispenser, hygenic and hand-free paper towel dispenser. Battery Operated

Palmer Fixture Electra T246 - Automatic paper Towel Dispenser, hands-free paper towel dispenser with AC Adapter.

Bradley 2494 - Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser, hands-free, battery operated or optional A/C conversion pack.

Bradley 2496 - Automatic Roll-Toewl Dispenesr sensor activated, battery operated or optional A/C conversion pack.

Palmer Fixture Impress TD0220 - Compact Lever operated Paper towel dispenser is 25% samller than other dispensers.

Jofel Azur AG81000 - Mechanical Auto-Cut HRT Paper Towel Dispenser. Dispenses by pulling the towel downwards, approximately 11' of paper dispenses before dispenser automatically cuts paper.

Bradley 2495 - Lever Operated Paper Towel Dispenser is treated with Bio-Pruf® to inhibit bacteria growth.

Palmer Fixture Inspire TD0235 - Hands Free Electronic Paper Towel Dispenser is battery operated and automatically dispenser when hand is placed over sensor.

Palmer Fixture TD400-01 Touch-less Auto Cut Roll Paper Towel Dispenser hands free dispenser uses no batteries and dispenses next sheet automatically. Uses standard 8" wide and up to 8" diameter roll.  

American Specialty Incorporated (ASI) 94696AC - Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacl is AC operated and made of beautiful stainless steel. Comes in Surface Mounted, Recessed and Semi-Recessed models.

American Specialty Incorporated (ASI) 94696A - Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle is battery operated and made of durable stainless steel, comes in 3 mounting specifications - Recessed, Semi-Recessed and Surface Mounted.

Jofel Azur AG80000 - Mechanical Auto-Cut HRT Paper Towel Dispenser dispenses by pulling the towel downwards and dispenses approximately 11" of paper before the dispenser automatically cuts the paper.