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Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers play a critical roll in hygiene in a public restroom. The ease of use, maintenance and clean-up are important considerations when purchasing a soap dispenser. There are so many different soap dispensers that you can be tempted to look only at the pretty decor and choose based on style. Make sure you look at ease of use and the cost of refills when you purchase a soap dispenser.

Liquid Soap Dispensers

There are two different types of liquid soap dispensers. One is the basic liquid soap dispenser and the other is the foaming soap dispenser. The main difference between liquid soap dispensers and foaming soap dispensers is the valve. In the liquid soap dispenser the liquid pushes through the soap dispenser causing the soap to dispense out into your hand. With a foaming soap dispenser air and soap are pushed through the dispenser making foam. When foam comes out it can be considered easier to use as your hands are already foamy, no need to rub them over and over to get foam, the foam is already there. Many customers prefer the foam soap dispenser as they have more of a feeling of clean.

Sani-SudsĀ® is a touchless foaming soap dispenser that helps save money while dispensing a pleasant foaming soap.

  • 1200 mL refills
  • Touchfree sensor technology
  • Vandal Resistant locking system
  • Metered pump dispenses .4ml per use
  • Modern design
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Battery life - 1.5 years or 45,000 cycles

Cartridge Soap Dispensers

The cartridge style soap dispenser uses a cartridge as a refill so there is no open bag of soap to deal with. This style is a little more expensive than the bulk style soap dispensers, but it is much easier to maintain. If you don't have a dedicated maintenance person or you just don't want the hassle of storing, clean-up and the mess of bulk soap a cartridge style soap dispenser is a nice choice.

  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • New cartridge and valve with each refill
  • Holds 800 mL Bag-in-the Box Cartridges
  • One year warranty

Bulk Soap Dispensers

Bulk Soap Dispensers hold a large amount of soap and are intended to reduce maintenance on the dispenser. These are perfect for a high traffic area and an area that uses a lot of soap. These save money as you buy the refills in bulk and the soap costs less per use. Several range from plastic to stainless steel, foaming soap or liquid soap, even manual or automatic dispensers. Choose the bulk dispenser that best fits your needs.


Disposable Soap Dispensers

Kutol offers a low maintenance soap dispenser that holds a large amount of soap that you replace once you are finished using. These are low maintenance as you don't have the messiness of refilling the dispenser and you don't have to clean and clear out the valves like the traditional dispensers. Kutol offers several different types of soap dispensers and they come in 950 mL bottles.

  • Cost Effective
  • Sealed, non-refillable bottle eliminates cross contamination
  • 950 ml - 1000 ml
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be mounted on the wall with a optional bracket