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Restroom Cleaning Checklist

A restroom cleaning checklist helps keep track and hold employees accountable for keeping restroom facilities clean. The checklist is a list of all of the chores that are involved in cleaning the restroom and employees and go one by one and make sure the tasks are complete.

 Restroom Checklist

Frequency of cleaning:
Check with local municipalities as many require restaurant facilities to be cleaned hourly. Check the rules and make sure you are cleaning at least the minimum times per day to ensure the cleanest possible restroom facilities.

Need for a checklist:
A clean restroom keeps your customers happy and will bring repeat business. Walking into a dirty restroom will turn your customers away and leave them thinking "if the restroom's dirty, then what about the kitchen".

Cleaning supplies:
Keep cleaning supplies in one location to make the task of cleaning quick and easy. Make sure to take note when supplies are running low and replace cleaning supplies.

Paper products:
Make sure when the restroom is cleaned, that the toilet paper, paper towels and seat protectors are refilled if need. Check the level at every cleaning. No one wants to be in the restroom and find out they are out of toilet paper.