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Public Restroom Purse Hooks and Shelves

Purse hooks or shelves are a necessity in public restrooms. Women's restrooms usually have a purse hook, because no one wants to put their designer hand bag on the floor of a public restroom. Once you put your purse on the floor you bring those germs from the floor to your home, your car and to those around you. No... No... Not going to put that purse on the floor. So most public restrooms are considerate and put a purse hook on the back of public restroom doors. But what about men's rooms? Men carry briefcases and tablets or even the newspaper. Most patrons want a clean, safe place to set their belongings down to prevent the spread of germs from the floor and the safety of having their belongings with them in the public restroom stall.

Germs are all over the public restroom. Even the cleanest restrooms harbor some form of bacteria. In a recent study experts believe up to 60 % of Americans won't sit on a toilet seat. But the toilet seat is not the only place for germs to hide. Look all around the restroom. The toilet actually aerosol sprays when you flush so the floor not only contains your germs but other people's germs as well. That aerosol from the flushing of the toilet can spray the toilet seat, the lid and the surrounding areas. So the best bet is to move your things and do not set them on the floor.

Purse Hooks
Purse hooks are a simple and basic public restroom purse protector. These can be installed on the back of a bathroom stall and provide a safe and clean place to hang a purse or they can be installed in a men's room to hang an overcoat or a hat. These are a simple solution to a common problem of "where do I place my purse in a public restroom?"

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Bradley 9124 Double Robe Hook Bradley 9115 Robe Hook Bradley 9134 Hat and Coat Hook

Toilet Paper Dispensers with a Shelf
These multipurpose dispensers hold the toilet paper and also allow for a safe, clean place to put your belongings in a public restroom. A simple shelf that is not intrusive and is available if needed and not in the way when its not being used. Use in both men's restrooms and women's restrooms as a place to sit personal items in the restroom stall.

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Bradley 5262 Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Shelf Bradley 5263 Dual-Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Shelf

Public Restroom Shelves
There are several types of public restroom shelves for patrons to use in a public restroom stall. The folding style shelf is the most unobtrusive and easy to use as it folds up simply to keep out of the patron's way until they are ready to use it. The recessed mounted shelf is nice if you have the space to install a recessed mounted shelf into your restroom wall. This is a permanent shelf that is out of the way and there is not a fear of bumping into or hitting the shelf in the restroom.

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Bradley 790 Folding Utility Shelf Bradley 760 Recessed Shelf Bradley 7512 Surface Mount Shelf

Mirror Shelves
Mirrors with built in shelves are a great solution for a restroom that is small and does not have a countertop. This is a convenient place to put your belongings while washing and drying your hands. These are especially useful in one room restrooms so that you can place your belongs off of the floor.

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Bradley 7815 Mirror / Shelf Bradley 7405 Fixed Tilt Mirror and Shelf

A place to put your belongings while in a public restroom is a necessity. Women's restrooms have long since had purse hooks for the back of doors, but men need a place to put their things too. Customer's remember their experience in your facility and will remember that awkward moment of "oh no, where do I put my purse."