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Propriety Versus Non-Proprietary Paper Towel Dispensers



Notch is designed on towel roll requiring the use of specific manufacturers Standard Paper towels can be used

The Merriam Webster definition of Proprietary is: "something that is used, produced, or marketed under exclusive legal right of the inventor or maker; specifically : a drug (as a patent medicine) that is protected by secrecy, patent, or copyright against free competition as to name, product, composition, or process of manufacture".

In the Paper Towel Dispenser industry there many different designs of paper towel dispensers but they all fall under one of two categories: Proprietary or Non-Proprietary Paper Towel Dispensers. Simply put a proprietary paper towel dispenser is designed in such a manner that the only specific paper designed by the paper towel dispenser company can be used in that paper towel dispenser. Many times a contract is required. You may get a great deal on the paper towel dispenser but you are locked into the manufacturers refill paper and they can raise the price to be whatever they like. Several manufacturers are proprietary and require contracts like : Torx®, Gerogia Pacific® In-Motion® and Kimberly Clark®.

Non-Proprietary Paper Towel Dispensers are designed to use any standard type of paper towel, whether it is a roll paper towel or a mult-fold or C-Fold Paper towel. This gives you the advantage of purchasing paper towels at the best price available and you have the ability to purchase paper towels either through a catelog or even at wholesale clubs. Non-Proprietary Paper Towel Dispensers may cost a bit more up front as you are purchasing the paper towel dispenser, but you more than make up for the initial cost because you are not locked into a contract and you can shop for the best paper towel price available. All of the paper towel dispensers sold on are non-proprietary, we offer brand names like Jofel®, Bradley®, and American Specialties (ASI).

Differences Between Proprietary and
Non-Proprietary Paper Towel Dispensers
  Proprietary Non-Proprietary
Requires Contract
Designed to use only Specific Manufacturers Paper Towels
Can Use any Standard Paper Towel Roll
Can purchase Paper Towels at Wholesale Stores
Replacement Paper Towels can be costly