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Palmer ND0065-13 Table Top Full-Fold Napkin Dispenser Stainless Steel

• Brushed metal made for durability
• Eliminates waste by dispensing one napkin at a time
• Loads in dispenses from two sides
• Soft rubber protects tables and countertop surfaces
The ND0065-13 table-top full-fold Napkin dispenser is created with maximum durability and ease of use in mind. The beautiful brushed steel that this napkin dispenser is crafted from ensures that it will be used for a long time.

This model is designed to allow for dual loading and dispensing. This means that it loads in dispenses from two sides.

With waste elimination and ease-of-use in mind, this unit only dispenses one napkin at a time. This napkin dispenser will not scratch on your tabletops or counter surfaces because of its soft rubber feet fitted on the bottom.

Dimensions: 7 1/2" L x 6 1/4" W x 5 3/4" H

 Made in USA