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  • Eliminates Roll Paper Towel Waste with Automatic Transfer System
  • Use Elbow or Arm to push lever to dispense paper towel
  •  Heavy Duty Steel Back
  • Transparent Cover in Front allows easy view of available paper

Palmer Fixture TD0215 Push Bar Towel Dispenser with Auto-Transfer


Palmer Fixture TD0215 Push Bar Paper Towel Dispenser offers an auto-transfer system that helps eliminate roll paper towel waste.  This dispenser uses a simple push bar that is easily pushed by either hand, elbow or arm to dispense roll paper towel.  Made with heavy gauge steel on the back of the dispenser for durability.  The transparent cover allow you to easily view when the roll paper towel supply needs to be refilled.

TD0215-01 Dark Translucent T215TS
TD0215-02 Black Translucent T215BK
TD0215-03 White Translucent T215WH


Palmer Fixture TD0215 Parts
SP021501 Front Cover 01
SP021502 Front Cover 02
SP021503 Front Cover 03
SP021599-002 1-1/2" Roll Holders
SP021599-003 2" Roll Holders
SP021599-001 Mechanism