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  • Price Listed is for One Urinal Screen
  • Sold 10 Screens per Carton
  • Anti-Splash Protection
  • Prevent Debris from Clogging Drain
  • Available in 3 Scents
  • Scents Last 30 Days

Palmer Fixture Scented Gel Urinal Screens


Palmer Fixture Gel Urinal Screens come in 3 different scents to help keep your restroom fresh and clean. Enzymes release to help clean drain and urinal while giving a pleasant fragrance for the life of the screen.

Available Scents:
Pink  -  US001CIN Cinnamon Apple
Yellow - US002MAN Mango
Green - US003MEL Melon Honeydew

Dimensions: 6-3/8" Diameter

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Palmer Fixture US001CIN

Palmer Fixture US002MAN

Palmer Fixture US003MEL