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  • No metal cans
  • Packaging is Eco-Friendly
  • Battery Operated (sold separately)
  • No isobutane or acetone
  • Lower operating cost – more product for the money
  •  Safer than traditional aerosol sprays
  • Complimentary scents to other Palmer-Air restroom products
  • Worry-free fragrance refills last up to 60 days

Palmer Fixture Palmer Air PA0401-17 Vapor Air Mist Neutralizer Dispenser


Palmer Fixture  NEW Palmer Air Vapor-Air Mist Neutralizer Dispenser works with Vapor-Mist refills (sold separately).  Inside the Vapor Mist Dispenser, a ceramic disc vibrates as electricity passes through. This propels the ultra fine Vapor-Air Fragrance particles into the room. Dispensers can be placed in restrooms, hotels, offices and schools, improving indoor air quality. Worry free fragrance lasts up to 60 days.


Vapor-Mist Refills (sold separately)

Part Number

Fragrance Size
PA0402 Mango Bay 4 OZ.
PA0403 Mountain Air 4 OZ.
PA0404 Lavender Lace 4 OZ.
PA0405 Melon Mist 4 OZ.
PA0406 Sunburst 4 OZ.
PA0407 Apple Cinnamon 4 OZ.
PA0408 Calypso Lime 4 OZ.


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Palmer Fixture Palmer Air Model Number: PA0401-17