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How to Use a Baby Changing Station

Most public restrooms are now equipped with a changing station.  Using a baby changing station is easy and convenient, in fact, business owners install changing stations for your convenience.  Business owners know you will stay in their business longer if they provide a safe and convenient way of changing your baby's diaper.


  1. Open the changing station.
  2. Lay a fresh diaper on a changing table.  if a sanitary liner is available you can protect you baby by laying the liner down before you lay the diaper down or you may also want to use a wipe to clean changing station.
  3. Place your baby, tummy side up, on top of the clean diaper.
  4. Unfasten the diaper tabs on the soiled diaper.
  5. Hold your baby's feet together and very gently lift them up, raising the baby's bottom. Use the clean part of the diaper to wipe away any excess stools, then fold over the soiled section of the diaper and set the old diaper aside.
  6. Wipe your baby's buttocks and genitals gently from front to back with baby wipes. Don't forget the lower back and the skin folds of the thighs. (A baby girl might get stools around her labia and vagina, so clean that area gently with baby wipes.)
  7. Lower your baby's bottom onto the clean diaper.
  8. Pat the area dry with a towel or tissue; cornstarch powder is optional.
  9. Apply diaper-rash cream to the area if necessary.
  10. Make sure to pull up the back of the clean diaper high enough to prevent leaks. Position the front of the diaper just under the baby's abdomen.
  11. Bring the tabs around from the back of the diaper and fasten them to the front.
  12. Turn diapering into a game of peek-a-boo to distract your baby.
  13. Close the changing station and discard use materials into waste receptacles.

Wash your hands before and after all diaper changes, and remember that frequent changes help prevent diaper rash.

Be prepared, if take you baby shopping, out to eat or on vacation, you may have to use a public restroom to change your babies diaper.

Never leave your baby unattended on a changing table or on a changing station.

Talcum powder or baby powder that contains talc can cause upper respiratory problems in babies. Instead, use cornstarch powder, and apply it carefully to prevent inhalation.

Tips from other Moms and Dads:
If your child gets to a stage were he figures how to take the diaper off, but your not quite ready for this, I found the best way to prevent him from doing that is to put the diapers on backward for at least a week.

Put a dress or a skirt on the baby until their potty-trained, so that you can put your hands up the dress, take off the diaper, and put it back on with out pulling down the baby's pant.

When changing a baby that just won't stay still, place one of his or hers favorite toys on their tummy. This will distract them from other things going on and prevent nasty mishaps from all their rolling around.

When your baby is starting to pull up and you have to take the mobile out of the crib, you can take the mobile and attach it to the wall so that it hangs over the changing area.

If the child is at the age that they can understand when you are asking to change a diaper, they will often answer no, if you are a baby sitter. It is then up to you to call the shots if you think they need changing. Stand your ground and do not be fooled.