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How to Fix a Soap Dispenser

Maintaining your commercial soap dispenser is an important part of keeping your public restroom functioning properly. Keep your soap dispenser full of soap and working so customers can properly wash their hands.

Clogged Dispenser

Sometimes a soap dispenser becomes clogged with dried or solidified soap and prevents the dispenser from working. First, unscrew the dispenser and remove the trigger and pump section of the soap dispenser. Take this section and put it in hot water to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes. Then after soaking to dislodge the solidified soap, pump water through the pump until it runs clear. You can also use a small pipe cleaner to clean out any debris in the pump and dispenser hole. Take the pipe cleaner and use a circular motion within the tube to clean it out.

If you are having a problem with the soap dispenser getting clogged on a regular basis, consider changing soaps. The soap you are using may be causing the clog. Some soap dispensers require a thin soap, so a diluting the soap may help prevent the clogging.

Trigger Remains Depressed

If you are trying to use your soap dispenser and the trigger stays depressed and doesn't let you pump the dispenser the spring in the pump mechanism may be jammed. You can unscrew the pump and try to get to the spring. If you cannot get to the spring you will most likely need to replace the pump. Some manufacturers offer replacement pumps. The Bradley 6A01-11 Diplomat Soap Dispenser has a replacement pump P15-480 that is an inexpensive replacement fix for your Bradley Diplomat soap dispenser. American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) also has a replacement pump (20333-027) for the ASI 20333 Soap Dispenser. Bradley also offers a replacement valve for the Bradley 6563 surface mounted tank type horizontal soap dispenser (P19-234).


The Soap Dispenser Does not Dispense Soap

If the dispenser is full of soap and does not dispense soap it could be several problems. One check to make sure you do not have a clog and follow the instructions listed earlier. If you know the dispenser is not clogged with solidified soap, unscrew the pump and make sure the tubes are all attached properly. Also check to make sure the pump is primed. You can prime the pump by pressing several times to get the soap into the tubes. Check for air bubbles in the line. You can get the air bubbles out by pressing and releasing the pump and discarding excess soap.

If the Dispenser still does not dispense soap there may be a crack in the tube and the pump will need to be replaced.

Leaking Dispenser

A leakey soap dispenser not only wastes money, but can become a real mess. Check to see if you can determine where the leak on the dispenser is coming from. If you can find the leak you may only need to replace that one part instead of replacing the entire soap dispenser. ASI offers a replacement Plastic Threaded Bottle Cap Adaptor ASI-0332-20 that helps save money versus buying a new dispenser. Palmer Fixture offers a replacement reservoir for the SP0800-09 dispenser (Z800-WH). Bradley also offers a replacement tank (P15-481) for the Diplomat 6A01-11 Automatic Stainless Steel Foam Soap Dispenser. The Diplomat offers several replacement parts and is a good investment for a foam soap dispenser.


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