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Hospitality Guest Accessories

In hotels, spas and suites guest accessories can make the difference between a comfortable stay and a mediocre stay. Customers of a hotel expect a front desk luggage trolley. They also expect coffee makers, irons, and hair dryers in their rooms. Without these basic amenities customers feel stressed and uncomfortable and they will remember the lack of amenities. Make your customers feel at home, provide them with the basics, but even just a little extra can make a stay fantastic. A simple coffee maker in the room of a guest can allow them the ability to have that first cup of coffee in their room before heading out for breakfast. Hotel concierge trolleys help guest carry large amount of luggage into their room with ease.

Hair Dryers
If you use a hair dryer as part of your daily routine, you know how important it is to have a hair dryer while staying at a hotel or suite. An in room hair dryer prevents the need of traveling with a hair dryer and with the cost of luggage fees, the extra room in your baggage is valuable. A basic hotel room hair dryer will stay attached to the hotel room wall on a simple wall hanger and can be used by multiple guests without the fear of theft or vandalism.

hair dryer hair dryer hair dryer

Make-up Mirrors
Wall mounted makeup mirrors are an extra bit of luxury to any guest staying at your hotel or spa. Some of these mirrors offer LED lighting that helps simulate natural or evening lighting. These mirrors help a guest feel their best when applying makeup or grooming. Some mirrors are adjustable to all angles and adjust magnification too! These mirrors help you feel confident in your grooming or makeup application.

Jerdon Model HL88NL 8X LED Lighted Mirror Jerdon JP2027N 7X Magnification Mirror Jerdon Jp3030CF 3X Adjustable Height Mirror

Irons and Iron Caddy / Racks
Hotel Irons are expected in any nice hotel. Business clothes become wrinkled in the suitcase and need to be ironed out. No one wants to go into a business meeting with a wrinkled shirt. Make sure to look for an iron with an auto-off button for safety. A nice iron rack or iron caddy helps keep the iron out of the way and stored for safe keeping.

Jerdon J513W Auto-Off Hotel Iron Jerdon J913W Auto-Off Hotel Iron with Retractable Cord Jerdon JD84 Universal Iron Caddy and Ironing Bord Caddy

Hotel Trolleys are essential in helping a guest bring luggage into their hotel room. When a family is traveling they usually have several bags and carrying all of that luggage is near impossible without a hotel trolley. Guests will expect a trolley in your hotel lobby and will disappointed if they find you do not have a hotel trolley in your location.

Bellman's Birdcage Trolley Bellman's Luggage Cart

Trouser Press
A guestroom trouser press makes little work of pressing your slacks. These trouser presses bring a level of sophistication and class to your establishment and they show your customers that you know their needs and help keep their appearance professional.  These presses have a range of settings along with an automatic shut-off.

Corby Trouser Press Model 7700W Corby Trouser Press Model 4400

Luggage Racks
Luggage racks give your guest the ability to get their luggage off of the ground and onto a rack while packing and unpacking their luggage. These are a simple addition to a hotel room or suite that is appreciated by most customers. These can be used in your home as well to give your guests the feeling of a four star hotel.

adobe  adobe adobe
Wooden Mallet
LR-MHTAN Luggage Rack
Wooden Mallet
Curve Luggage Rack
Wooden Mallet
LR4-MOBRN Luggage Rack with WallSaverâ„¢