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 Grab Bars

Grab Bar Applications

A restroom can benefit from adding grab bars for safety. Grab bars help prevent falls in the bathroom and give the user added safety.

When installing a grab bar first determine the best possible place for installation. Then think of the user, how strong is their grip? Use a smaller diameter grab bar for users with less hand strength. Determine if the grab bar will be used in a slippery environment like a show or bath as you may want to consider a peened surface which gives extra grip and is less slippery.

Where to Install Grab Bars
Go to the shower or bathtub and put yourself in the person's position who will be using the facility. Climb in and out of the tub or show to determine where the need for a grab bar is. Make sure the Grab Bar is installed into the stud on the wall. The grab bar will be holding a person's weight, so the strength of the stud is mandatory. Grab bars can be placed vertically, horizontally or diagonally depending on your tub or shower.

Tub or Shower
  • At the entry to the shower or tub. A smaller (12", 16" or 18") grab bar works to facilitate entry and exit. A vertical grab bar at the entry point helps prevent users from grabbing the towel bar, the sliding doors or other fixtures.
  • In the shower or tub use a horizontal grab bar for added stability, diagonal grab bars add stability when lowering to a shower seat.
  • Generally a 16" grab bar or a multiplier of 16 (16", 32", or 48") work best as most studs are located 16" apart on center. Always attach grab bars to studs or specialty mounting anchors recommended by the manufacturer.
Near the Toilet
  • A grab bar near the toilet provides greater stability and can be used in conjunction with a raised toilet seat.
  • Grab bars near the toilet are usually installed either diagonally or horizontally.
  • Diagonally is usually more comfortable for the hand and wrist and can allow user to grip at different heights.
Swing Up Grab Bars

 Installation Instructions
  • provide added stability around the toilet or shower seat and help people move from their wheelchair to a seated position and back up again.