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The DoorWave™ Foot Pull for the Door

When using a public restroom, you hope that not only you, but the people who work there are washing their hands and being as hygenic and clean as possible. Sadly many times this is not the case and that is even worse when you think about the employees who handle food, you really hope they are washing their hands properly.

Bacteria are everywhere and they can be rampant in public restrooms. A study was done by Lennox Archibald, MD, PhD of the college of medicine University of Florida, in Gainesville to determine the bacteria in public restrooms. This team discovered staph, E.coli and Enterococcus. These microorganisms can cause illness and infections. Many doctors agree that you don't want to obsess over the bacteria as they are essentially everywhere, but you do want to be hygienic.

Here are some tips to ensure that you have a hygienic restroom experience:

  1. While using the toilet paper dispenser make sure you touch only the toilet paper you plan to use to avoid dirtying the toilet tissue for the other patrons.
  2. Use and hand dryer if possible, preferrably an automatic hand dryer.
  3. Use hand sanitizer.
  4. Make sure you wash your hands throughly with soap and long enough about 15 - 20 seconds to get the germs off. Recite the Alphabet and that will ensure that you have washed your hand successfully.
  5. Rinse your ands and touch nothing else - you don't know the germs that could be on the faucet or door handle.
  6. Use paper towels to turn off door handle.
  7. Hopefully the restroom has a foot pull ** See below ** mounted to the bottom of the door so that you can open the restroom door with ease.

Foot Pulls

Foot Pulls leave your hands free to open the door and keep hands germ free. These are especially useful in environments where food is served. The DoorWave is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to open bathroom doors with ease and without hurting your foot or scuffing your shoe.

Automatic Hand Dryers
Automatic Hand Dryers are a great hygienic solutions as the dryer comes on automatically so there is no touching of outside buttons and they help avoid cross contamination. Some of the dryers like the American Dryer model Extreme Air CPC have a new technology called Cold Plasma Clean which actually kills germs in the surrounding air while drying your hands. 

Saniflow E85A DualFlow M08A ExtremeAir CPC9-BG