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Maintaining your Fire Extinguisher and Cabinets

Fire Extinguishers need to be in good working order in order to work in the event of a fire. The National Fire Protection Agency states that portable fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly and should go through a yearly maintenance inspection by a professional.

Do A Monthly Check

1. Check and make sure the fire extinguisher is easily seen and visible. Make sure the extinguisher is in a spot that can be seen by everyone in the room. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the extinguisher.

2. Check your signage. Make sure you have good signage directing people to the fire extinguisher. These photo luminescent signs from Jalite are a great solution to signage as in the event of a fire and the power goes out they will illuminate for easy visibility.


Check the tamper seal to make sure the fire extinguisher has not been vandalized. If the seal is broken you will need to replace the fire extinguisher or have a professional inspect it.

Make sure the tube or nasal is not clogged.  If you rock the extinguisher from end to end you should be able to feel the dry chemical move inside the cylinder.

4. Check the pressure gauge. Make sure the pressure is at the correct level. There should be a green mark on the gauge to show you where the correct pressure level is.


Check for damage to the fire extinguisher. Look for any damage to the extinguisher. Extinguishers can be dropped and damaged, make sure your extinguisher is not damaged in any way or you will need to replace the extinguisher.

6. Check the pull pin and make sure that it is in place. If the pin is missing that is a clear sign that the extinguisher may have been used or tampered with and you will need to replace your extinguisher.


Inspect the cabinet that is holding the fire extinguisher. Make sure the glass on the cabinet is clean and is not broken in any way. Check the labels on the fire cabinet. Many times the labels and glass can be replaced without needing to purchase a new cabinet. Here is a list of replacement parts AmeraProducts, Inc. offers.


Keep track of your annual professional inspection. The fire extinguisher should have a tag on it to record when the last professional inspection. Make sure you know when the extinguisher needs to be inspected and plan the inspection accordingly.