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Dirty Restrooms are a Top Complaint of Restaurant Patrons

Consumer Reports just published a study showing the "Gripe-O-Meter" Reading of top complaints of retaurant patrons. In this 2014 survey of over 1000 adults many patrons seemed to have a lot to complaint about. Complaints ranged from cleanliness of the restrooms and utensils to nutritional content.

The top complaints were dirty utensils (78%) and dirty restrooms (73%). Other complaints included Food that does not look or taste as described on the menu (54%) and diners nearby talking or texting on mobile phones (30%). What seems most interesting and really reminds us that diners want a clean facility both in the restroom and in the dining room. Nothing seems to turn off the average patron than a dirty facility. Even if the food is not the best (54%) or you are over charged for your meal (48%) - patrons still complained more about a dirty restroom (73%).


2014 Consumer Reports Restaurant Complaints

These complaints really illustrate a customer's feelings and what is expected at a restaurant. Yes food is important but a clean facility is the most important. No one wants to eat at a place where they are concerned about the cleanliness of the facility. The thought goes through everyone's mind "if the restrooms are dirty, the kitchen must be really gross."

Consumer Reports also published a list of the cleanest fast-food restaurants. Readers completed a fast-food survey covering over 90,000 meals at 65 chains - the good news - over three-quarters of the respondents wer satisfied. Only 4% wer dissatisfied.

Top of the list:
Firehouse Subs
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburger
Jason's Deli
McAlister's Deli
Panera Bread
Pei Wei Asian Diner

Bottom of the list:
Cici's Pizza

Here are some steps to make sure your facility is clean and up to the standards of your restaurant patron.

  1. Have a Restroom Cleaning Checklist - make sure it is checked hourly for supplies and cleanliness
  2. Make sure you have someone responsible for the cleanliness of the restroom
  3. Respond quickly to any complaints - a dirty restroom must be cleaned immediately
  4. Consider using hand dryers if you have a complaint and a problem with paper towel waste in your facility
  5. If your restaurant is family friendly - put a baby changing station in both the men and women's restrooms
  6. Have Femine Hygeine disposal in all women's restroom stalls
  7. Make sure the garbage cans are emptied several times a day