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Convex Security Mirrors

Convex mirrors enhance safety and security. Convex safety mirrors have 160 degrees of vision and provide a full overhead view of any any area that requires frequent monitoring. These mirrors help reduce accidents around blind corners and doorways. As an example, convex mirrors are effective when viewing aisle traffic in a store or warehouse.

Vision Metalizers have both indoor and outdoor convex security mirrors. These mirrors are stronger than older versions and are completely free from distortion and 20% brighter than glass. These mirrors are easy to install with the bracket provided in the box. The mirrors are equipped with swivel assembly making them adjustable at any angle.

Vision Metalizers Indoor Convex Mirrors

Vision Metalizers Indoor Convex Mirrors help enhance security and safety indoors. These mirrors help in convenience stores and other retail places that may have a spot that is difficult to see and needs constant monitoring. These help prevent theft as they allow the clerk to see many areas of the store at once. These are also a great solution inside an office building that may have a turn or foot traffic that may have many collisions. These help the employees and customers see where they are going to avoid walking into each other. Vision Metalizers Indoor Convex Mirrors come in a variety of sizes: 12", 18", 26", 30" 36" and 48" diameter. These mirrors are acrylic and offer a 160º wide angle. These are the highest quality mirrors available and come with all necessary mounting brackets and installation instructions. These are acrylic indoor with an ABS Back.


Vision Metalizers OC Acrylic Outdoor Convex Mirrors with Gray ABS Back

Vision Metalizers OC Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirrors are made with rubber trim and backing for weatherproofing. These mirrors enhance your security and safety and are approved for outdoor use but can also be used indoors in warehouse environments. These mirrors help with safety and security anywhere foot traffic and forklift traffic may share a the same space. These offer a 160º angle and are made of acrylic. All mounting hardware is included and these hold up to outdoor elements. Backing is Gray ABS material.


Vision Metalizers SSC Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors

Vision Metalizers Stainless Steel Convex Mirror is engineered to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions. The mirror is made of stainless steel with a steel back. Several sizes are available: 14", 20" 24" 34" and 42" diameters. These mirrors are a great traffic solution and can be used at intersections of factories, stores and shops, schools, hospitals or anywhere to help eliminate blind spots and to make an environment safer. Made for outdoor use, but can be used indoors as well. Especially in and out of factories.


Vision Metalizers EC Economy Acrylic "No Back" Indoor Convex Mirrors

Vision Metalizers makes an indoor economy mirror that does not have a back. This mirror should only be used indoors as it would not stand up to outdoor elements and it is a great economical choice for indoor environments that need extra security and safety. The economy style mirror is offered in several sizes: 12" diameter, 18" diameter, 26" diameter, 30" diameter and 36" diameter. All hardware mounting brackets are included. Made of acrylic and easy to install.